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A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing […]

Restricting client views of tracked objects in RavTrack PC

When using RavTrack PC for multiple clients or departments it may be convenient to restrict the ability of a particular client to track or view only specific assets.  For instance if you are tracking police, fire, and public works vehicles you may want supervisors from each of those individual departments to see only the vehicles […]

No PRAVE messages received

So, you set up RavTrack PC and connected your base station to the computer running RavTrack PC.  And yet, nothing is happening. This article describes some common solutions to communication problems in a RavTrack GPS tracking system. Connection/COM port issues When the system is running, select View > Communication Statistics from the main screen.  This […]

Monitoring your GPS Tracking System

With any complex communication system, there can be problems which cause it to not work as planned.  It could be a power failure,  electrical failure of a component, computer crash, cut cable, broken antenna, lightning damage, or a host of other unforseen issues.  Most of these are easy to deal with, but quickly being notified when […]

Setting Up VPN access to a Windows XP Computer

If you are running your GPS tracking system using RavTrack PC on a Windows XP computer, you may want remote users to be able to access the tracked objects database from a remote computer that is not on your local netwrok.  You may be able to do this using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. […]

Microsoft SQL Server User Logins

When you choose to use Microsoft SQL Server for your RavTrack PC database, all of the location information of the GPS tracked vehicles will be stored in the SQL database called “RavTrack“.   You must create this database manually using Micrtosoft’s Management Studio software program, and then assign the user login rights to the database.  RavTrack […]

Crystal Reports Installation Issues

Integrated into RavTrack PC GPS Tracking software is a powerful report generating software program called Crystal Reports from SAP. As part of the RavTrack PC installation, a run-time redistribution module is installed on the computer along with RavTrack PC. The Crystal Reports run-time module allows crystal reports to be generated by RavTrack PC, and viewed by […]

Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server Installation

With release of RavTrack PC vesion 3.1, RavTrack PC supports Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 and 2008.  By default, RavTrack PC uses Microsoft Access databases and tables to store its inforamtion.  Access is a very good choice for a database when RavTrack PC software is ging to be run on a single workstation, in a vehicle, […]

Tracking Alerts via SMS

Your Raveon RavTrack PC GPS Tracking System can send “Rule Alert Messages” via email when triggered by a GPS tracking rule.  GPS tracking Rules may be based upon vehicle speed, proximity, idle time, geo-fences, and many other conditions.   When a rule alert is triggered, the rule alert messages may be sent to any email address. Often, users […]