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Information about creating maps, maplibs, and sources to purchase or download map files.

How to convert an image file to a Geotiff

How do I rectify an image file and convert it to a Geotiff? Raveon’s customers have a wide variety of applications for our GPS tracking system. Whether you run a golf course consisting of a few dozen vehicles, or a large fleet that spans an entire city, you may find that you require a specific […]

Convert Map Data Files to a RavTrack PC Map File

How can I convert this high precision map that I used with my previous tracking software, the map info is stored in .dat format? We can easily convert over data files that have stored map information. We will use Global Mapper 12 to load the files into our editable area, set our projection, and then […]

Use Global Mapper 12 to Create a RavTrack Map

The purpose of this tech blog entry is to guide a RavTrack PC user in acquiring a usable Geotiff Map File from Global Mapper 12. This Geotiff can be converted to .Maplib format and displayed on RavTrack PC.  Please note that earlier versions of Global Mapper, including version 10.02 and 11.00, can be utilized for […]

RavTrack PC Map Creation step-by-step

Creating a Map for RavTrack PC   Creating a map to be utilized by RavTrack PC can be completed in just a few steps.  We like to use a powerful mapping program called Global Mapper for development of our maps, however, there are several free programs and websites on the internet that allow you to […]

Sources of Map Images

The following is a list of some on-line commercial sources of image files that are suitable for use as map images. UnearthedOutdoors resells image tiles measuring 2° on a side (49,284km² at the equator).  True Marble™ is available for purchase for latitudes between N84° and S60°. The tiles are georeferenced in WGS84 Lat/Lon projection for […]

Customizing Your Map

There are many ways to customize the map you use with your RavTrack PC vehicle tracking program.   RavTrack PC uses any bitmap image, scanned map,  jpeg photo, or geotiff file as the base-map to display vehicle location.  Simply load your image/map into the calibration tool (mapmanger), and then calibrate 3 points with known latitude and […]

Creating and Adding Maps to RavTrack PC

Creating and Finding Map Images All GPS Tracking software programs need some source of image files to overlay the position of the things being tracked.  The Internet provides a rich source of map images, and this page identifies some of the better sources.  If you find others, please let us know about them.  RavTrack PC GPS Tracking […]