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Information about installing a GPS transponder

GPS Antenna Selection

The selection of a proper GPS antenna for a GPS tracking system is very important.  The main criteria to keep in mind when choosing a GPS antenna to work with your Raveon M7 series GPS transponder is: Amplified.  The antenna must have a build in RF amplifier that will operate off of 3.3V DC.  The […]

COCOM GPS Tracking Limits

The U.S. Department of Commerce requires that all exportable GPS products contain performance limitations so that they cannot be used in a manner that could threaten the security of the United States. The following limitations are implemented on the Trimble Copernicus receiver receiver. Immediate access to satellite measurements and navigation results is disabled when the […]

GPS Receiver Dynamics

The GPS receiver in Raveon’s M7 and Atlas PL GPS transponder may be configured for different situations. By default it is configured for LAND operation. Selecting the correct operating parameters has a significant impact on GPS receiver performance.  GPS receiver dynamics may be optimized for LAND, AIR, or SEA operation.      LAND  = 1    Maximum speed […]

Battery Comparison for GPS Tracking Device

Overview Many different types of batteries may be used with Raveon’s M7 series of GPS transponders.  This Technical Brief describes how well some common battery types will work with the M7 radios. Actual battery life will vary based upon how often the M7 GPS transponder transmits, but the data in this Technical Brief may be […]

Antennas for a RavTrack vehicle tracking system

In a RavTrack system you will need antennas for vehicles, as well as base stations, and possibly repeaters if your particular system uses any repeaters.   Here will will discuss common antennas for all three uses. The Raveon “GX” series of tracking transponders used in a RavTrack system can be configured to operate as a vehicle […]