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Information about installing GPS tracking devices

A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing […]

GPS Antenna Selection

The selection of a proper GPS antenna for a GPS tracking system is very important.  The main criteria to keep in mind when choosing a GPS antenna to work with your Raveon M7 series GPS transponder is: Amplified.  The antenna must have a build in RF amplifier that will operate off of 3.3V DC.  The […]

Antenna Tuning or Cutting

Antenna Tuning or Cutting   Selecting and installing a proper antenna for a telemetry radio, GPS transponder, or base station involves selecting a suitable style of antenna for your installation, properly mounting the antenna, cabling the antenna to the radio connection, and possibly adding a lightning arrestor to the antenna cable.  One of the most important […]

The RavTrack Atlas PL personal GPS locator radio network capabilities

The RavTrack Atlas PL personal GPS locator radio network capabilities Most people will identify the Atlas PL personal locator as an excellent device for people to wear and to send GPS position information, alerts, and man-down status.  Typically the Atlas PL is used in conjunction with the RavTrack AVL GPS vehicle transponders which are equipped […]

Fast GPS reporting with TDMA timeslots

Fast GPS reporting with TDMA timeslots RavTrack is very fast at reporting the positions of even large fleets over a single radio channel because each RavTrack transponder is assigned a specific time slot in which to transmit, avoiding interference which may occur if multiple devices were permitted to transmit simultaneously. The fact that all transponders […]

COCOM GPS Tracking Limits

The U.S. Department of Commerce requires that all exportable GPS products contain performance limitations so that they cannot be used in a manner that could threaten the security of the United States. The following limitations are implemented on the Trimble Copernicus receiver receiver. Immediate access to satellite measurements and navigation results is disabled when the […]

GPS Receiver Dynamics

The GPS receiver in Raveon’s M7 and Atlas PL GPS transponder may be configured for different situations. By default it is configured for LAND operation. Selecting the correct operating parameters has a significant impact on GPS receiver performance.  GPS receiver dynamics may be optimized for LAND, AIR, or SEA operation.      LAND  = 1    Maximum speed […]

Connecting M7 to Garmin Oregon

Overview The M7 GX series of GPS transponders may be directly connected to a Garmin Oregon 450. When connected, the Garmin display map will show the location of the vehicle it is in PLUS the location of all other M7 transponders within radio range.  This unique feature allows one to quickly, easily, and inexpensively, make […]

Updating the RavTrack PC EXE file

It is usually possible to upgrade the RavTrack PC AVL software program to a newer version without re-installing the software as long as the major revision number is the same.  (2.6 to 2.7, 3.1 to 3.3 …)  Most upgrades can be performed by simply replacing the RavTrackPC.exe file which is stored in the program directory on your computer. This […]

GPS Tracking with the Garmin 60C Series

The M7 GX series of GPS transponders may be directly connected to a Garmin 60C series of hand-held GPSs.  All members of the Garmin 60C family have an RS232 option that is compatible with NMEA 0183 messages.  This allows them to be used with Raveon’s RavTrack series of GPS radio transponders to make a complete […]