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General information about GPS tracking from around the industry

Why Use VHF/UHF GPS Transponders Instead of Cellular Connected Devices

Often a system decision comes down to cellular vs. VHF/UHF RF communications. Cellular based GPS transponders and cell phones rely on a public cellular radio networks to connect to the carrier’s network, which then passes the GPS location information to the end user via the Internet. VHF/UHF radio networks utilize private licensed radio frequencies to […]

GPS Tracking Service Comparison: RF versus Cellular

Common GPS vehicle tracking systems use “cellular” GSM/GPRS based transponders. Once the device calculates position from the GPS satellites the transponder transmits the position to the cellular GSM/GPRS network of receivers (cell towers) in the area.  At this point the GSM/GPRS system operator transports the data to your output device. Obviously the network operator charges a fee for […]

Golf Cart Tracking with GPS

As the demand to improve the playing experience at golf courses and country clubs continues to grow, course managers are adding new technologies to enhance their product while also adding to their bottom line. One of these methods gaining traction is GPS tracking of the golf carts (and in essence the golfers) on the course […]

Golf Cart GPS Systems

Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system is the ideal golf cart tracking system to track golf-carts and golf course maintenance vehicles. Golf Cart Tracking RavTrack GPS tracking delivers helpful, real-time location information and displays it on a map image of your golf course. You can track the carts, mowers, trucks, and workers.  You can see where you […]

Improving GPS Tracking Precision Using WAAS

Introduction: WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) is the next generation standard for implementing higher accuracy GPS systems. As demand for GPS continues to grow, the US government has implemented a more robust system to meet the needs of next generation tracking and improved reliability while still maintaining standard equipment in the field. Raveon Technologies has […]

Who’s Tracking You? GPS Tracking Security

GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful technology that can speed emergency response, improve efficiency, and provide a safety link to support personnel.  Raveon Technologies sells real real-time tracking system so business, agencies, and commanders, can track their personnel, assets and vehicles. Raven’s private tracking system uses a very secure AES encryption algorithm, so that only […]