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Driver Fatigue Management

Spectrum Fatigue, a South Africa based company focused on the mining industry and the distributor of both the Raveon RavTrack real-time GPS tracking system and the new HaoNai Industrial MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitor in South Africa, has successfully integrated the MR688 with Raveon’s  RV-M7 “GX” series wireless GPS/data transponder for its driver fatigue management solution. […]

AVL News: Newer, faster Google Earth 5.1 released

The team over at Google has released a speedier version of their popular Google Earth application. From our tests here, we did notice some welcome speed increases in rendering the map tiles when you zoom in and out and change views. Also, start up time did seem reduced compared to version 5.0. Additionally, Google has […]

Tracking Construction Equipment

photo credit: Michel Filion Often, during large-scale construction projects heavy equipment such as bulldozers or front-end loaders are left on site overnight or after hours. It simply does not make sense to move them back and forth. Unfortunately, this can make your construction equipment a target for theft costing tens of thousands if not hundreds […]

GPS-Guided Robot Jumps Over 25 Foot Obstacles

On the lighter side of GPS tracking, we came across this incredible video of a robot that uses GPS to find its away around. The Precision Urban Hopper is being developed by Sandia Labs and Boston Dynamics. Using GPS to navigate is nothing new in robotics, but the way the Hopper handles obstacles is pretty […]

Calculating Fuel Tax with GPS?

I just read an interesting article about how trucking fleets are using GPS to calculate their fuel taxes. Since fuel taxes are generally handled by the states and since truckers typically operate across state lines they often need to calculate their usage in various locales. GPS position reporting is a good way to do this […]

Tracking Stolen Trucks with GPS

GPS tracking solutions like RavTrack are useful for more than the usual vehicle tracking. You can also use RavTrack to track stolen assets and recover stolen property with GPS. In Fort Launderdale, a tow truck company owner tracked down two of his trucks that had been stolen: What the culprits didn’t know was that the […]

Search and Rescue GPS with Atlas PL

Last week, Raveontech announced their Atlas PL, personal GPS locator. The Atlas PL is ideal for tracking emergency response teams, search and rescue personnel, wildfire teams and firefighters, as well as security teams. It has many useful features suited for tracking personnel with GPS including some new and advanced safety features including: automatic “Man-Down” alert, manual alert, […]

Bus Fleets Displaying GPS Position in Real-Time

photo credit: bengt-re In Washington, D.C., the traffic authorities responsible for the local commuter bus system there have developed a new service for sharing the position of each bus in real-time. The new service is quaintly called “Where’s my Bus?” and displays the GPS position of your bus. The service is viewable via the web […]

Tracking Stolen Assets with GPS

In Dallas, Texas, police recently encountered an auto theft ring by tracking the GPS transponder on a stolen lawnmower: Officers found at least 12 of the 25 vehicles have been reported stolen. Authorities are calling it a major auto theft operation. Authorities spent most of the afternoon and evening hauling away stolen vehicles that were […]

New advances in indoor GPS?

One area where GPS technology will see greater improvements is in how it is used within large buildings and other interior spaces. Currently, it is difficult to receive GPS signals through walls and structures, but this reach can be improved with GPS repeaters and other ground-based systems. One can imagine how useful this might be […]