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A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing […]

GPS+IOS and Android

Before ordering a GPS tracking radio it might be useful to test GPS satellite reception in the areas you are planning to use the tracking devices and which may seem problematic due to overhead coverage. For GPS-log testing with your Android phone we recommend to download this free app. It will provide details on the […]

GPS Tracking with RavTrack versus cellular GSM or GPRS

Most GPS vehicle tracking systems use a “cellular” wireless telephone carrier system to collect position information from the fleet in the field and transport that information back to headquarters.  You may see acronyms such as GSM or GPRS describing the system.  The RavTrack system uses a very different approach, that of local user-based radio. These two […]

GPS Tracking Service Comparison: RF versus Cellular

Common GPS vehicle tracking systems use “cellular” GSM/GPRS based transponders. Once the device calculates position from the GPS satellites the transponder transmits the position to the cellular GSM/GPRS network of receivers (cell towers) in the area.  At this point the GSM/GPRS system operator transports the data to your output device. Obviously the network operator charges a fee for […]

GPS Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy depends on a variety of conditions coming together at a particular location and time, including distortion of GPS signals as they travel through the ionosphere and errors in the position (ephemeris data) transmitted by GPS satellites. For most end users, accuracy is heavily influenced by having usable signals from more than 3 GPS satellites. Positions […]

Where am I? Finding the local GPS transponder position

This question is often asked with regards to Raveon’s GPS tracking transponders. This tech blog describes how to determine your GPS transponder’s locations and addresses some additional questions. The short answer The NMEAOUT 1 command will enable output of NMEA 0183 compliant messages on the serial port. This will work on any GPS-enabled Raveon radio […]

Golf Cart GPS Systems

Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system is the ideal golf cart tracking system to track golf-carts and golf course maintenance vehicles. Golf Cart Tracking RavTrack GPS tracking delivers helpful, real-time location information and displays it on a map image of your golf course. You can track the carts, mowers, trucks, and workers.  You can see where you […]