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Campus Bus Tracking (Missouri State University)

Guest Blog posted by Corbin Campbell, Electronics Support Services Missouri State University Just a little history, our Assistant Director of Public Safety had a project for me. Missouri State University had the ability to GPS track the shuttle bus fleet for the students, faculty, staff, and public safety. This was done using a wireless carrier and through a smartphone […]

GPS Tracking Service Comparison: RF versus Cellular

Common GPS vehicle tracking systems use “cellular” GSM/GPRS based transponders. Once the device calculates position from the GPS satellites the transponder transmits the position to the cellular GSM/GPRS network of receivers (cell towers) in the area.  At this point the GSM/GPRS system operator transports the data to your output device. Obviously the network operator charges a fee for […]

Fast GPS reporting with TDMA timeslots

Fast GPS reporting with TDMA timeslots RavTrack is very fast at reporting the positions of even large fleets over a single radio channel because each RavTrack transponder is assigned a specific time slot in which to transmit, avoiding interference which may occur if multiple devices were permitted to transmit simultaneously. The fact that all transponders […]

TDMA Transmission Overview

TDMA, or Time-Division-Multiple-Access is a very effective way of allowing a lot of radios to share one radio channel.  Used extensively in GSM cellular and APCO public-safety systems, TDMA excels at allowing quick and reliable access to radio channels.  It allows 2-10 times more radios to share a radio channel than conventional carrier-sense methods.  This […]

Who’s Tracking You? GPS Tracking Security

GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful technology that can speed emergency response, improve efficiency, and provide a safety link to support personnel.  Raveon Technologies sells real real-time tracking system so business, agencies, and commanders, can track their personnel, assets and vehicles. Raven’s private tracking system uses a very secure AES encryption algorithm, so that only […]

GPS Position Accuracy

The accuracy of a position determined by using a GPS receiver is limited by the accuracy of the GPS signal itself.  The US government controls the precision of the GPS signals sent from the GPS satellite constellation.   It varies from day to day, and the following graph shows historically, how precise the GPS position information […]

Tracking Alerts via SMS

Your Raveon RavTrack PC GPS Tracking System can send “Rule Alert Messages” via email when triggered by a GPS tracking rule.  GPS tracking Rules may be based upon vehicle speed, proximity, idle time, geo-fences, and many other conditions.   When a rule alert is triggered, the rule alert messages may be sent to any email address. Often, users […]

About This GPS Tracking Blog

This site is a web log for information about Raveon’s Real-Time GPS Tracking system called RavTrack.  It is a repository full of usefull information about GPS tracking technology, and particularily real-time tracking using VHF/UHF radio technology.  Users of Raveon’s GPS tracking system are welcome to post helpful information about the products or their systems, or […]