A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing GSM (cellular based) systems charge monthly data usage fees to transmit your GPS tracking information through their cellular telephone signal towers, and only function where you have cell phone service.

If you can’t make a cell phone call, likely, you can’t be tracked. Instead of getting the oars out when you lose cell service, the RavTrack real-time tracking system provides a complete standalone system.  No usage fees or third party infrastructure is necessary; instead RavTrack GPS transponders operate via VHF or UHF digital radio transmissions, providing you with instant status updates on every rental boat or other watercraft in your fleet.

Raveon’s easily configured and customizable GPS tracking system is designed to operate where and how you want it to operate, including a specialty line of weatherproof IP65 rated GPS transponders perfect for small watercraft such as jet-skis, kayaks, or the like.RTPC screen

On the boat, the Raveon GPS transponder simply requires access to the 12 volt (DC) power source, that’s likely already a part of your rental boat, an antenna for the radio, and an antenna for the GPS.  With available power saving modes, Raveon’s data radios will only draw a small fraction of power, meaning that it’s even suitable for a sailboat!

Raveon also offers compact design options suitable for jet skis (UHF systems suggested for Jet Skis for more compact sized antennas.)  Once your transponder is installed in your boat just turn it on and go.  The transponder will immediately begin searching for GPS lock and will begin broadcasting its location automatically at your chosen intervals.

The powerful GPS transponders broadcast position signals that can easily be received several miles over open water.  At your marina, truck, or your general base of operations, another transponder and antenna receives the incoming GPS reports from the boat or rental fleet. View the Port Asset Tracking infographic to learn more about how the RavTrack system is designed. For more information, learn how the Port of Long Beach partnered with Ravtrack for their tracking needs.

GPS Tracking Software

Raveon’s Windows based RavTrackPC program is available to provide you with a platform to view your assets (As seen in the image on the right.)  Customization integrated into RavTrackPC will provide your tracking system with the map you want to use.   You will be able to see the locations and IDs of each of your tracked boats out on the water on your map.  You can also configure RavTrackPC with rules and alerts so that if your boat starts moving at 2 AM or simply hasn’t reported in several minutes an alarm will be triggered.  Alarms can do anything from making a loud noise, to sending an email, tweet or SMS message, to triggering a third party program on your system through a command line interface.

RavTrackPC does far more than just tracking movement too, it can be used to track speed, duration and proximity to other tracked objects as well!  RavTrackPC provides Geo-Fence alerts, where you can create invisible borders to alert you when a boat is not where it’s supposed to be, or when it is heading back in to the marina or launch ramp.  This greatly facilitates dock service not to mention how much easier it is catch your daredevil kids/clients in the act of doing 40mph in a no-wake zone in your boat!  It also keeps the harbor master happy.  Furthermore, if the people in any of your rental craft have an issue, the optionally installed boat assistance switch can be triggered and help can be dispatched directly to the distressed boat’s location.

Displaying GPS Position

The RavTrack GPS transponder can also be set up to be displayed on many on-board GPS systems for boats or vehicles.  (Such as the Lowrance HDS-5 and Garmin 400 seen in the images on the left.)   This means that not only can you track your boat from the marina, it means that your boat or tow vehicle can also track yourboats!  No more awkwardly waiting around at the loading/unloading ramps!  You can watch your boat approach from anywhere, long before it’s in eyesight range.  This is also very useful for the private yacht operator in keeping track of tender boats or tracking recreational watercraft.  Not only is RavTrack great for keeping marina staff updated, the mobile tracking capabilities of RavTrack are ideal for use in your service or rescue craft.  Furthermore, if your rental boat has a compatible display, your marina dock location can appear on the display to guide the lost helmsman back home. display

Raveon’s GPS tracking solutions provide a service that’s simple to use as well as appropriate for an enjoyable boating experience while eliminating the stress of uncertainty.  Whether that means the peace of mind of knowing your customers whereabouts, or simply knowing your boat/fleet will be where you parked it last, Raveon’s stand alone, recurring-fee free, real time tracking will help improve your overall customer service, safety, and fleet maintenance.

Give us a call to discuss your particular operation and allow us to customize a GPS tracking solution tailored to what you need from your GPS tracking system, including system planning, custom radio configurations, or other special needs. If you have questions about the RavTrack GPS tracking system, we also offer an informative webinar.